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Where Will You Stay ?

It has almost been a decade since we have been doing Turkish cooking courses in Bodrum. Through the years we have come to a conclusion that our residential classes should be at home where we are living to give the whole experience of Turkish living and cuisine, for that reason we built our home to welcome our guests. We are an artist and a chef couple, the artist is the husband and the chef is the wife. Building the house was his job and the house will give you that impression it is an artists home, but when you walk in and see all the kitchens in the house you will see that the chef has a touch aswell. It is a crazy house with all the comfort you would ask for,  our rooms have their private facilities, airconditioning and a balcony. Everything in the house is handmade by family members, we enjoy living here and hope to make our guests feel the same.


View from the house

Our Rooms


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