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Where we do the prep for the turkish cooking classes
Where we do the prep for the turkish cooking classes
Culinary Team Building Events

Culinary team building in Bodrum, Turkey, or online is a new and creative way to bond with clients or employees producing a great end result: a fabulous meal to be enjoyed by all.
With the corporate team cooking together there is guaranteed to be a joyful, creative way for company leaders, managers and employees to work together as a team.

How many people can we accommodate?

We can facilitate for teams from 6 up to 12 people in our cooking class kitchen, from 13 to 50 at Karnas Vineyards and max 20 people online through The Chef and The Dish.

Events Include:

In person culinary team building events are approximately three hours from arrival to finish of the meal, online classes are 90 minutes. 

Event Locations:

Cooking Class Bodrum, kitchens are in our home overlooking the Aegean Sea and Bargilya lagoon, its intimate homey and we will be making you feel at home.

Karnas Vineyards, is where our restaurant is located and its an award winning pioneer winery located not far from the Bodrum Milas airport in a beautiful vineyard and a unique cellar made as a replica to Roman Cellars in the ancient times.

Online classes are in everyones homes connected through The Chef and The Dish.


Prices are based on the type of culinary team building event and the number of people, and are priced on a per person basis. Let us know if you have a budget in mind so we can accommodate you.

How would creating a delicious meal benefit your company, employees and clients?

With culinary team building, everyone contributes although the experience is different enough from day-to-day activities to allow participants to find new ways to communicate and work together. Whether participants are novice cooks or considered gourmet chefs, talents shine in ways that might otherwise go unnoticed.
When you bring people together and enjoy cooking as a team building activity, different strengths surface and become the foundation for further growth, for the individuals as well as the team.
Let us know and we can plan together the most suitable cookery team building event for your needs. Please contact us.

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