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Learn to make meze’s and Dinner

All what we have on this website may sound delicious but you may have hard time leaving the beaches and nice pools at your hotels, this is just for you we will pick you up at 6 pm in late afternoon and this program is available everyday. describes meze’s “In Turkey, despite the Islamic prohibition against wine and anything alcoholic, there is a rich tradition associated with liquor. Drinking alcoholic beverages in the company of family and friends at home and in taverns, and restaurants, is a part of special occasions. Similar to the Spanish tapas, “meze” is the general category of dishes that are brought in small quantities to start the meal off. These are eaten, along with wine or more likely with “rakı”;, the anise-flavoured national drink of Turks sometimes referred to as “lion’s milk”, for a few hours until the main course is served.”

Sometimes meze’s can be the meal itself and are delicious since the produce in this area is served direct from the farmers to the table. At this class we will be making 4 meze’s right before a delicious Agean Turkish cuisine tasting menu. We will pick you up from your hotel at approx 6 pm, cooking will be approx 1 hour 30 minutes and we will be serving what we have cooked and a full course tasting menu followed by the class including fine Turkish Wine selection paired with the dishes. We will be arranging transportation for you back to your hotel after the festive meal.

Price per person 70 Euro’s including transportation and matching drinks.

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