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turkish kebab plater
turkish kebab plater
Learn To Make Turkish Kebabs at home

When you think of Turkish Cuisine, don’t you dream of countless images of delicious meaty kebabs? The types of kebab available in Turkey are countless and offer many tasty varieties. If you are a carnivore, this is the class for you. We will teach you how to make kebabs at home, that you can easily make back home and let you know how you can serve a delicious Kebab barbeque.

Any day at 4 pm. Pick up from Bodrum and return after dinner. 

We will pick you up from Bodrum hotels are a meeting point, then we will visit our butcher to learn which cuts of meat you should purchase to make great Kebabs. Then we will be back at our kitchen to chop and knead the meat to form delicious kebabs hands on. We will make delicious bulgur pilaf and salads to accompany our kebabs and serve a delicious Kebab dinner grilled on the barbeque overlooking a beautiful sunset.

Price per person 90 Euro’s including drinks, pick up and drop off to Bodrum.

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